Dorinishte is the most popular for the health and spa resort in the Pirin Mountains. The town is famous for its mineral springs since ancient times. Dobrinishte consists of 17 mineral springs with temperatures reaching a staggering 30 – 43 degrees celsius.

The town provides a big mineral bath and an open-air mineral water swimming pool. The name of the village comes from “The good things”, which God gave to the people - the warm mineral springs, the forests and waters of Pirin. The village is known to exist ever since the Stone Age.


A lot of Thracian and Roman pottery was found in the area, as well as coins from Neron emperor (I century before Christ). The swimming pool with mineral water known as “roman bath” is situated on the Dobrinishka river, where all the other mineral springs are situated. Dobrinishte comes highly recommended for its spa, landscapes, built facilities and the proximity to the ski slopes defining it as a center for skiing and mountain sports. There are various restaurants, pubs and all have access to all the modern swimming pools with mineral water.

Dobrinishte has become a dream for the lovers of beautiful virgin nature, authentic rural life of earlier periods set back in history and there is also a call for ecotourism too.