Ски и Сноуборд

After the construction of the new lift from Dobrinishte to Bezbog hut, Dobrinishte becomes a second important ski center in the Pirin Mountain and one of the main winter resorts in Bulgaria.

The tracks are suitable for both advanced and the beginners. Their total length is about 7,000 meters, and here is the longest pist in Bulgaria / 5000 m /


The main ski tracks in Dobrinishte are:

  • “Bezbog” chalet - “Tuzlata”- “Gotce Delchev” (one of the longest pistes in Bulgaria) – 4700 - 5600 meters long, displacement 700 meters with 2250 meters highest point and 1550 meters, average inclination 22%. The two final points are connected with a double seated lift with a capacity of 500 persons per hour and a middle station. There is also a ski-cloak room, ski-school for children- beginners and advanced in the region.
  • “Bezbog” – “Govedarnika”- “Goce Delchev” chalet (for descending) is 3 600 meters long; 950 meters displacement. The highest spot is 2500 meters and the lowest 1550 meters, average inclination 25%.
  • “Govedarnika” - “Goce Delchev” chalet (for giant slalom) - 1500 meters long, displacement 2010 meters and lowest point 1550 meters, average inclination 30%


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Говедарника- Г.Делчев Слалом писта 15004602010155030%
Говедарника- Г.Делчев Гигантски Слалом писта7001501700155022%